Living Lab
An international change agency committed to protecting and renewing life on Planet Earth
Our shared dream is to shift humanity's collective story from one that is extractive and self-serving to one that is kind to one another and stewarding of planet Earth by 2030.

Together, we are planting roots for a regenerative world reflected in ourselves, our families, our organizations, society and the biosphere.

Welcome to the Age of Regeneration

Evolve or Devolve?

This is the existential question we as humans are facing and choosing through our individual and collective actions. We believe that transformational change requires both personal and systems regeneration. With firm conviction, relentless optimism, and intentional coordination, we can make this quantum leap to a healthy and harmonious world together.

Our offerings sprout in three distinct branches
Rooted in a diverse network of content experts, we work with a regenerative leadership systems model to understand context, hone purpose, chart strategy, and work collaboratively to execute on an integrative course of action. We understand the world in nested wholes and therefore our offerings are designed to enrich your own life, your organization, and your community in sync with planetary boundaries, Agenda 2030 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Change Maker Coaching
Living Lab's signature coaching for Change Makers focuses on personal, professional, interpersonal, and planetary health simultaneously.

Designed for leaders who want to play an active role in shaping global regeneration, Change Maker Coaching integrates peak performance leadership coaching with a customized system of practice to ensure ongoing personal and planetary progress.

Dream catching & Visioning
Essence Discovery
Purpose Clarification
Integrative practice design

Business Consulting
Living Lab helps mission-aligned organizations and businesses navigate the complexity of sustainability and model regenerative leadership through change management consulting and capacity building services.

Blending proven frameworks with expert facilitation and strategic guidance, Living Lab has a track record of making sustainability and regeneration an institutional priority.

B Corp Certification
Committee Formation
Planning & Goal Setting
Policy Creation

Creative Convening
Living Lab works creatively with Change Makers around the world to strengthen existing progress, orchestrate impact and innovation with integrity.

Through Quarterly Activations, Regenerative Leadership Workshops, and our regenerative design virtual studio, Living Lab holds space for both strategy and emergence in regenerating systems and people around the world.

Quarterly Earth Café
Regenerative Leadership Workshops
Office Hours
We believe in the power of human potential
We are a community of practitioners supported by a global network of field experts to make way for regenerative, renewable and circular world.
  • Sierra Flanigan
    Principal Change Agent, North America
    Sierra has been making ripples and waves of change her whole life. She has worked to integrate sustainability and systems change into over 100 organizations to date and has an audacious vision for the world she is keen on seeing through. Sierra is a designer, a strategist, and a holder of space. She practices meditation, and yoga, paints alpine driftwood into colorful art and has a reverence for nature, people, and all of life.

    For Sierra, Living Lab is a versatile and experimental vehicle for applying her potential with others to realize the UN Sustainable Development Goals and a regenerative world.
  • Alyona Yuzefovich
    Principal Change Agent, EU and Russia
    Alyona has been an entrepreneur her whole life. Before entering MSLS, she and her company Boxxy diverted millions of kilos of electronic waste from the landfill in Russia. Alyona is a master facilitator, communicator, and a badass mom. Alyona is sought after by many corporate clients to design and implement programs and governance structures. She is also an expert in online privacy and marketing.

    Alyona is developing Living Lab EU, leading a team in Moscow, and applying proven methodologies in a market in need of catching up with the rest of the world and Europe.
  • Skye Flanigan
    Senior Advisor, Global
    Skye is the Program Manager at The Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (Harvard Chan C-CHANGE). Skye is responsible for stewarding community engagement initiatives, developing and implementing new programs, and advancing strategic partnerships. Skye also manages convenings and events bringing together thought leaders and influencers to support critical thinking and strategic problem solving around climate change. Skye was a key contributor to research projects such as Flavoring Chemicals in E-Cigarettes, the Healthy Green Campus Study the Impact of CO2 on Pilot Performance and the internationally acclaimed COGfx Study.

  • Helen Petty
    Mountain Yoga and Meditation Lead, North America
    Helen spent her childhood in Maryland but is a child of the mountains at heart. Helen has been focusing her energy on the outdoors, pushing her own edges, exploring nature, and guiding outdoor trips for individuals and groups, combined with yoga where she can be followed @trailyoga. Helen has a background in international relations and environmental science and has a penchant for just about anything fun and meaningful. Helen has been working with Sierra for more than five years to host large unConferences, in-person and virtual Earth Day convenings, and much more. Helen always has a smile on her face - she is fiercely strategic, effective, and a positive force of nature.
  • Arturo Heckathorn
    Global Waste Conscience, Peru
    Arturo connected with Sierra, Alyona and Alex in Sweden during their Masters in Strategic Leadership Toward Sustainability. During their time, Arturo co-led an initiative to overhaul their graduate school's campus recycling program - swapping out 50 bins, and implementing a behavior change program to support it (in Swedish!). Arturo is technically minded and focused on upgrading the global waste system and conducts comprehensive materiality assessments for organizations to get them started on their journey toward sustainability. He currently resides in Lima, Peru where he is pursuing a cricket venture and an outdoor biking service, educating people about the earth while exploring the beautiful countryside. Arturo is passionate about sharing resources and good ideas around the world more efficiently.
  • Alex Coley
    Community Equity Lead, Noth America

    Alex's experience is diverse, but driven by the same motivation; to serve his communities in pursuit of a more just and equitable future. Alex's work is deeply rooted in community and his commitment to regeneration and justice. With a background in conservation science, ecological systems, and environmental advocacy and now as a health promoter with Public Health where he engages communities in systems change and well-being work in the education system, Alex has the foundation to meaningfully affect change in our systems. Alex is a leader, facilitator, advocate, and friend who seeks to work collaboratively towards the bright future we all aspire to.
"Sierra [of Living Lab, fka Coalesce] has been instrumental in building a foundation for sustainability within the expanding global Venture Café community, and elevating the UN sustainable development goals as an organizational priority for the Venture Café Global Institute."
Christina Celuzza
Global Programming Lead
Venture Café Global Institute
Living Lab is enriched by a dynamic network of thought leaders and solutions agents from who we source inspiration and collaborate with.
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