We are Living Lab
A Collaboratory of change makers committed to protecting and renewing Life on Planet Earth

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Our shared vision is to shift humanity's collective story from one that is extractive and self-serving to one that is values-led and stewarding of planet Earth.

Together, we are planting roots for a regenerative world reflected in ourselves, our families, our organizations, society, and the biosphere as a whole.

Welcome to the Age of Regeneration
A collaboratory, you say?
Living Lab serves as an incubator, a forum for learning, and a dynamic community of practice. We understand the world in nested wholes and therefore our collective impact is designed to enrich whole systems change within individuals, organizations, and networks.
Change Maker Leadership
Living Lab consists of leaders intent on playing an active role in shaping global regeneration. Living Lab offers a community of practice with a fail-safe culture to ensure ongoing personal and planetary progress.

Fishbowl Charettes
Curated Connections
Organizational Capacity Building
Living Lab is comprised of mission-aligned organizations and businesses all working to align efforts in a coordinated way for a livable planet. We rotate monthly themes to dive deep into sustainability challenges and illuminate potential for systems regeneration that all members can act on.

Focus and Action Teams
Planning & Goal Setting
Connection to Policy
Campaign Amplification

Monthly Deep Dives

Creative Convening
We see no need to reinvent the wheel, but rather to show up wholly with each other and take action with integrity. Through a series of online and in-person gatherings, Living Lab exists to connect change-makers and accelerate intentional solutions for a livable planet.

Planetary Town Halls
Pop-up Events
Storytelling Circles
Regenerative Leadership Workshops
Solutions Pool Parties

A Global Watering Hole
Living Lab's Collaboratory works to integrate principles of living systems into business, culture, and everyday life. We believe in systems change from the inside out. Guided by a trio of Stewards and nurtured by a community of leaders working across sectors and scales, Living Lab's Collaboratory insists on a living, thriving future for all of Life.
  • Sierra Flanigan
    Co-Chair of LPWG
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has" - Margaret Mead
Example of one of the "playsheets" we use to catalyze action!
Do you have a solution to amplify or passion, skills, and/or resources to invest in a Livable Planet?
What brings you to Life?
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